About Us

BRIOWELL began with a focus on bringing exciting protein flavors to a health-forward lifestyle. Our grass fed whey protein powder is derived from pasture raised cows and naturally flavored with the perfect balance of carefully selected ingredients. Every scoop is loaded with high-quality protein that provides all of the essential amino acids to support strength and wellness goals. Enjoy our delicious and nutritious protein powder blend the BRIO whey!

Message from the Founder

If there was one change I think would make a huge impact for anyone looking to improve their life, I would say start by taking care of your health. From an obese, heavy drinker, smoking a pack a day, I was able to take my life from negative to positive by focusing on health and fitness. This journey fueled my passion for exercise and nutrition—I knew this was the industry I wanted to be a part of. Leveraging my background in accounting, I was able to land a job at a supplement manufacturing company. The pay was terrible in the beginning but I saw the value in learning about the industry which meant a lot more to me. The question that constantly alluded me was... how do I take something I love and share it with the world?

My obsession with a SoCal ice cream shop offering unique flavors is what inspired me. Feeling guilty one day about stepping out for my favorite indulgence, I decided to refrain and drink a protein shake instead. The idea hit me that having my favorite ice cream flavor as a protein shake was a much more sustainable approach towards my fitness goals. I took my industry knowledge and passion for wellness to bring this idea to life.

Having gone from polar opposites in health, there was a transformation in my energy and mindset. This lively state I was in is how the company name came to be. BRIO (an energetic style) and WELL (in a positive way). As a person who’s become very conscious about what I put into my body, it was important for me to create a product that would complement a health-forward lifestyle while also being delicious. Sourcing quality ingredients and working with reputable vendors, I’m very happy to bring to the market these new protein flavors. I love drinking these everyday and am very excited to share with you all!

With energy + positivity,